Sub-project 10

Meteorological characterization of forcing and urban response for climate model assessment

Sub-project 10 (TP 10) is based on two pillars, both interacting synergistically: (A) field measurements in Hamburg and (B) systematic boundary layer wind tunnel experiments.

Part A aims to describe the modifications of weather and climate in cities by deployment of the urban wind, water and energy experiment (UWWEX) in Hamburg. Monitoring simultaneously the outer and lower boundary conditions as well as the local inner urban response ensures to capture the meteorological characteristics of cities in its entirety. Within intense observation periods (IOP), case studies for key processes and extremes (e.g. heavy wind, droughts) will be identified, providing consistent measurement data sets of forcing, boundary conditions, and evaluation data for model assessments. Data quality and consistency of wind measurements will be estimated in wind tunnel experiments. Part B will systematically investigate detailed models of various urban structures in Hamburg and Berlin. Driving parameters such as building arrangement and geometry, urban greenery or approach flow conditions will be varied systematically and their effect on local climate and field measurements will be quantified. The boundary layer wind tunnel experiments will substantially assist field trials planned in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart for generating true systematic validation data sets. The data also facilitate validation of agent-based modelling for urban climate assessments. The approach will enable field and laboratory data to be combined in comprehensive validation scenarios.

TP 10 will coordinate a round table on validation data quality to establish and implement topic- and model-specific data, documentation standards and a model validation protocol. Calibration and equipment testing capabilities will be made available to all project partners.

Sub-project 10: Meteorological characterization of forcing and urban response for climate model assessment