Sub-project 12

Vertical sounding of meteorological parameters using an octocopter

Sub-project 12 (TP 12) will conduct microscale measurements of meteorological quantities based on vertical soundings using an octocopter. The octocopter is equipped with temperature and moisture sensors. An extension for wind measurements and thermography is planned. A microsensor measuring particulate matter concentrations (PM10) from TP 2 can be added to the equipment of the octocopter for measurements of air quality.

Results of the profile measurements in TP 9 (TU Dresden) and own observations with a sound/sonic detecting and ranging (SODAR) instrument and mobile meteorological tower will be used for verification of the measurements with the octocopter.

Participation in the intense observation periods (IOP) in winter will focus on calm wind situations, while in the IOPs in summer the focus will be set on heat stress situations.

TP 12 contributes to the programme by providing microscale meteorological data for validation of urban climate models developed in Module A, and for application tests together with Module C.