Subproject 13

Development of a data-warehouse and verification of the measurement concept by numerical simulations using available models

Subproject 13 (TP 13) will be responsible for the central data management of Module B. An online data-warehouse will be established, where all subprojects can store their data and have access to data provided by other subprojects. The data-warehouse will also contain some tools for data analysis and visualization. By using the data-warehouse, the subprojects will coordinate the data flow between partners of Module B, and arrange data sets for a validation of the model developed in Module A. The data-warehouse also offers an interface to exchange information with Modules A and C.

In TP 13 well-established micro- and mesoscale urban climate models (such as FITNAH or ASMUS) are run with the results of the intense observation periods (IOP). The goal is to provide a set of data that allows a comparison of the quality between the new urban climate model build in Module A and already existing models. The results are stored in the data-warehouse and will be provided to Module A by a special interface.

Additionally TP 13 draws on the development of a standard measurement campaign for urban climate analyses. The transferable concept provides minimum requirements for a model based as well as for a model independent spatial analysis. Based on that, a method how to derive a spatially comprehensive climate analysis for the entire city scale from the point data results of the measurement campaign is developed.