Sub-project 7

High-resolution urban wind fields and city-surroundings exchange processes

Sub-project 7 (TP 7) aims at a comprehensive investigation and understanding of the following items: (a) horizontal structure of intra-urban horizontal wind field patterns, (b) vertical structure of Urban Boundary Layers (UBLs), (c) superimposed secondary circulation systems, (d) exchange between the UBL and the lower free troposphere with respect to momentum, heat, humidity and atmospheric pollutants and (e) provision of respective evaluation data for urban climate models.

This research will be organised in two parts complementing each other: Stefan Emeis is mainly heading for items (b) and (c) while Norbert Kalthoff will concentrate on (a) and (d), although common interests in all four items exist. Measurements will take place in the city of Stuttgart and its surroundings. The results will continuously be brought together for a comprehensive analysis of the urban atmospheric boundary layer and its exchange processes with the surroundings.

Existing and new data acquired by TP 7 will be provided to the other partners for collaborative research in Module B. TP 7 will contribute to development and testing of concepts, analysis tools and components of the data-warehouse. By using existing numerical models TP 7 will also contribute to the modelling of atmospheric processes in Stuttgart to generate model data for gap filling and for development and testing purposes. Additionally TP 7 will participate in model validation studies and it will also contribute to application tests.