Long-term observations for 3DO

The following links show the long-term observations (LTO) of various scientific institutes and institutions located in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart and their surroundings. Together with data from intense observation periods (IOP) the LTO result in a multitude of three-dimensional atmospheric data sets. The data will be used for validation of the new urban climate model and directly for applications in urban planning, climate protection and air quality control.

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last update: Jul. 28, 2017

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Urban Climate Under Change

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Article about urban climate under change
Second intense observation periods in Berlin and Stuttgart in July and August 2017
Second intense observation period in Hamburg from 14th August until 22nd September 2017
Workshop IOP III Berlin on 2nd November 2017 in Berlin
Fourth Joint Research Project Meeting of 3DO from 22nd to 23rd November 2017 in Stuttgart