BMBF Programme: Urban Climate Under Change - [UC]²

Module B
Joint Research Project: Three-dimensional Observation of Atmospheric Processes in Cities (3DO)

Module B has following objectives:

  • Collection and provision of data for selected cities
    Data on weather and climate as well as aerosols and air pollutants are collected in long term observations and intense observation periods for Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The goal of the measurements is to acquire a multitude of three-dimensional atmospheric data sets.

  • Integrated concepts and tools
    New concepts will be developed for experimental studies in cities and for the integration of observation and model data. Further, concepts for model validation will be developed and reference data will be gained. The focus of 3DO is also on the development and testing of analysis tools. Concepts, tools and data will be implemented in a data-warehouse for general use in the entire BMBF Research Programme.

  • Model evaluation and application testing
    Besides numerical and physical modelling in 3DO, model validation of the new city climate model will also be carried out in cooperation with Module A. Application testing takes place together with Module C.

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Mobile measurements on Tempelhof Field © Chair of Climatology, Institute of Ecology, Technische Universität Berlin

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Video about fine particles by Universität Stuttgart
Second intense observation periods in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin for summer 2017 in preparation
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