Subproject 1: Three-Dimensional Monitoring of Atmospheric Processes in Berlin

Subproject 1 (TP 1) plans the continuation and improvement of long-term observations (LTO) in Berlin through a network of urban automatic weather stations and eddy-covariance stations forming the (Urban Climate Observation Network – UCON ) Berlin. Two ceilometers measuring vertical profiles of aerosols and planetary boundary layer heights at different urban sites complement these LTO. New LTO of vertical profiles of air temperature and humidity, up- and downwelling short- and long-wave radiation, 3D-wind components and sensible heat flux will be implemented.

Mobile measurements during four intense observation periods (IOP; both in summer and in winter) in Berlin will be be carried out in winter with particular focus on air temperature and humidity as wells wind, while in summer focus additionally is on human-biometeorological variables. In the frame of TP1 unmanned aerial vehicles of the University of Augsburg generate vertical profiles of atmospheric variables.

TP 1 will contribute to 3DO by numerical modelling of atmospheric processes in Berlin in order to generate model data for development and testing purposes. TP 1 also takes part in the development and testing of concepts, analysis tools and components of the data management system. TP1 will focus on analysis and visualisation tools for model validation, and for automated work flows for applying observational and model data for specific purposes in urban planning. Model validation studies will be jointly performed by partners from Modules A and B and application tests will be jointly performed by partners from Modules B and C.

Subproject 1: Three-dimensional Monitoring of Atmospheric Processes in Berlin

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Forth and last intense measurement campaign of 3DO in June and July 2018 in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin
Fifth Joint Research Project Meeting of 3DO in 2018 from 20th to 21st of June in Cologne
Annual [UC]² Programme Meeting 2018 from 21st to 22nd of June in Cologne