Subproject 9: Cumulative exposition of pedestrians and bikers in an urban environment

Main objective of subproject 9 (TP 9) is the measurement und evaluated simulation of the cumulative exposition to environmental stressors of city residents. TP 9 will develop a transferable measurement concept for determination of heat stress and wind exposure of pedestrians and bikers and test it in intense observation periods (IOP) in Berlin and Hamburg. Quality assessed mobile measurement of all relevant meteorological quantities for typical behavioural patterns of pedestrians and bikers will be carried out with respect to stationary climate stations and vertical structure of the urban boundary layer. Seasonal and weather-related determination of cumulative exposure for pedestrian and cycle routes will be conducted in Berlin and Hamburg.

Simulations with microscale models like ENVI-met and the own model HIRVAC are performed to verify the developed measurement concept with respect to its suitability for model validation.

Measurement data from TP 9 shall be used for independent analysis of urban climate and human exposure in Berlin and Hamburg based on investigated measurement routes. All measured and simulated data of TP 9, as well as derived measures with time-space-relation will be assimilated in the data management system.

Subproject 9: Cumulative exposition of pedestrians and bikers in an urban environment

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Forth and last intense measurement campaign of 3DO in June and July 2018 in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin
Fifth Joint Research Project Meeting of 3DO in 2018 from 20th to 21st of June in Cologne
Annual [UC]² Programme Meeting 2018 from 21st to 22nd of June in Cologne