Modul B at the Final Meeting of the Programme

Modul B at the end of [UC]2 Phase 1 with continuation in sight

Module B (3DO) presented itself impressively at the end of May at the final meeting of the BMBF Programme Urban Climate Under Change [UC]2 at the Kleinhuis Hotel Baseler Hof in Hamburg. With more than 80 participants, the final meeting was well attended.

After an overview of Phase 1, the partners of 3DO presented the results of their three-year research work on the topics of air temperature and humidity, wind, turbulence and eddy covariance, radiation and clouds, thermal effect complex and air chemistry (particles and gases). Of course, due to the diversity of the measurements, it was only possible to show many examples within the two hours available, but it nevertheless became clear that Module B, with the collected data from long-term measurements and intensive measurement campaigns, is able to comprehensively evaluate the urban climate model PALM-4U, which is currently under development. A data management system (DMS) developed to support this task was further presented. The DMS in its existing functionality guarantees both, compliance with the [UC]2 data standard developed in the BMBF Programme and the simple exchange of observation and model data between the project partners of the three modules. Practice partners and members of the Module C steering group were also impressed by the data treasure available and its value for model evaluation as well as for practical application.

The presentation period of Module B ended with an outlook at Phase 2 of Urban Climate Under Change, which had meanwhile been announced by the BMBF. With a new name (3DO+M), a slightly different composition and an adjusted content according to the goals of Phase 2, Module B will be involved in [UC]2 for another three years.

Photo of final meeting [UC]2 Phase I
Photo of the participants of the final meeting of [UC]2 Phase 1 in Hamburg. © Fachgebiet Klimatologie Technische Universität Berlin 2019









Berlin Steglitz Modell Windkanal Dieter in wind tunnel
Measuring turbulence at a model of Berlin Steglitz (1:500) in the wind tunnel of the University Hamburg. © Fachgebiet Klimatologie Technische Universität Berlin 2019 Prof. Dieter Scherer (programme co-ordinator and co-ordinator of Module B ) serving as obstacle in the wind tunnel. © Fachgebiet Klimatologie Technische Universität Berlin 2019