What has happened so far in Phase 2 of 3DO+M? Part 1

Part 1 Long-term observations and special measurements

Covid 19 has effects in areas of life that one does not think about at first. Also the planned work of the subprojects of 3DO+M has experienced delays, because measurements, workshops and project meetings were only partly or not at all possible. The exchange of the project participants spread all over Germany took place Covid 19 conditionally via video conference. Moreover, many of the project partners* work predominantly under not always easy circumstances in their home office, as so many did during this time. Nevertheless, all sub-projects (TP) have pursued their objectives as far as possible this year.

Measurement data of the long-term observations are continuously processed and analyzed. Some of the long-term observations have been extended (e.g. in Berlin the station Adlershof and those on the roof of the main building of the TU Berlin). In addition, some subprojects carried out special measurements on specific issues, especially in spring and summer 2020 in different cities. In Berlin, test measurements on the radiation budget were carried out in order to use them for the development of the radiation module of the urban climate model PALM-4U. In Dresden laser scans were carried out on leafy and leafless single standing trees. These are, among other things, the basis for the development of effective methods for modeling the spatial vegetation structure. In Hannover, however, drones flew during a 24-hour intensive measurement campaign over the Maschsee and about 250m into the perimeter development with the aim of obtaining a data set for the validation of a PALM-4U simulation of this area. In Stuttgart extensive special measurements were carried out by bicycle on a distance of approx. 650 km (!) and two measurement vehicles. The aim was to compare air quality during and without driving ban for diesel vehicles. In the wind tunnel of the Hamburg University, experiments on models of house facades with different floor heights and balconies were carried out to obtain data for the validation of PALM-4U simulation results close to walls and surfaces. In addition, preparations for measurements on the façade of the Geomatikum of the University of Hamburg are in progress. Further special measurements are planned by different TPs for next year in Berlin Johannisthal, in Stuttgart and Augsburg.

The data will be fed into the open source based data management system developed in Berlin, where they will be available for model validation and for scientific and applied studies by the project participants.

In parallel, as promised by the module title 3DO+M, simulations with PALM-4U were set up and carried out (see 'What has happened so far in Phase 2 of 3DO+M? Part 2 Simulations with PALM-4U').


Stuttgart 1 Stuttgart 2
Discussion at the measurement bicycle. © DLR/FrankEppler  Measurement vehicles and bicycle. © DLR/FrankEppler