Subproject 5: Microsensor measurements for climate-relevant and air pollution parameters at high density spatial scales

Main focus of subproject 5 (TP 5) is the measurement of climate-relevant parameters and air pollutants at high temporal and spatial resolution, augmenting the existing long-term measurement network, for use in the evaluation of a microscale model. A suite of microsensors (Zephyrs) will be implemented in Berlin to measure a variety of parameters at high spatial density and temporal resolution relevant for city scale modelling, including air pollution components (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter) and climate-relevant meteorological components. Coordinated implementation of these sensors across a variety of land-use classes critical for model capture will complement and expand the existing monitoring networks in Berlin.

Mobile (bicycle) measurements using the Zephyrs during intense observation periods (IOP) will complement the stationary sensor deployment in Berlin. Zephyrs will also be included in the mobile measurement set-ups of other TPs. TP 5 will contribute to the development of a measurement concept that will be transferable to other cities for urban climate model evaluation. TP 5 takes also part in the evaluation and augmentation of the existing measurement network to be applicable in the analysis of an urban climate model.

Further collaboration proceeds with module A (model development) and module C (application tests).

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Meeting of Co-ordination Board 2018 on 26th of January from 12:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.
Intense measurement campaigns in Berlin, Stuttgart and Hamburg are taking place in January and February 2018
Fifth Joint Research Project Meeting of 3DO in 2018 from 20th to 21st of June in Cologne
Annual [UC]² Programme Meeting 2018 from 21st to 22nd of June in Cologne