Long-term Observations

Long-term observations (LTO) in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart were run by the project partners of 3DO and 3DO+M during the whole funding period of the programme and will continue in future. The data collective is thus constantly being expanded in all three cities. The large number of three-dimensional atmospheric data sets is used to evaluate the urban climate model PALM-4U. However, the data collected is also directly available for applications in urban planning, climate protection and air pollution control.

Maps of the LTO in Berlin, Stuttgart and Hamburg as well as information and data contained therein are not suitable for scientific investigations, but merely provide insight into the work of the 3DO and 3DO+M Joint Research Project. Detailed and adequate information for scientific purposes (e.g. coordinates of measuring station, measurement heights, instrument type, etc.) can be obtained from the respective station operator. LTO concerning Berlin, which have a free license, will be available to the public via the 'Berlin Data Portal'  at the end of 2023.