Sub-projects of Module B 

Phase 2 3DO+M

Sub-project 1:

Coordination of the research programme and Module B, evaluation and scientific application of the urban climate model PALM-4U


Technische Universität Berlin; Funding reference number (FKZ ) 01LP1912A
Sub-project 2:

Impact of urban climate effects and emissions on air quality and scientific application of the urban climate model PALM-4U


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; FKZ 01LP1912B
Sub-project 3:

Evaluation of PALM-4U concerning temperature, humidity and extreme precipitation on the basis of measurements and analysis


Freie Universität Berlin; FKZ 01LP1912C
Sub-project 4:

Evaluation of PALM-4U/SALSA for size-resolved particle concentrations, atmospheric stability and green-roof energy balance


Technische Universität Braunschweig; FKZ 01LP1912D
Sub-project 5:

Model evaluation and urban-regional-studies on air pollutants using three-dimensional satellite observations


German Aerospace Center; FKZ 01LP1912E
Sub-project 6:

Investigation of air quality aspects within the development of the urban climate model PALM-4U


Forschungszentrum Jülich; FKZ 01LP1912F
Sub-project 7:
Evaluation of the urban climate model PALM-4U for the atmospheric boundary layer in cities in mountainous regions
  Dr. Olga Kiseleva
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; FKZ 01LP1912G
Sub-project 8:

Impact evaluation of measures related to emission reduction and urban planning on air quality and meteorological parameters under consideration of the special orography and the influence of cold-air flows in Stuttgart

  Dr. Rayk Rinke
University of Stuttgart / Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart; FKZ 01LP1912H
Sub-project 9:

Urban vegetation and combined stress factors (thermal comfort, wind)


Technische Universität Dresden; FKZ 01LP1912I
Sub-project 10:
Long-term evaluation of urban wind and transport phenomena for the further development of urban climate models
  Prof. Dr. Felix Ament
Universität Hamburg; FKZ 01LP1912J
Sub-project 11:

Strategies for minimization of critical urban climate load situations in Augsburg - MIKA

  Dr. Christoph Beck
University of Augsburg; FKZ 01LP1912K
Sub-project 12:

Evaluation of PALM-4U: A model-based analysis of UHI-reducing processes applying three-dimensional measurements with a hexacopter system and meteorological measuring networks


Leibniz Universität Hannover; FKZ 01LP1912L

Associated Partners in Phase 2:

Guido Halbig / German Weather Service

Dr. Meinolf Koßmann / German Weather Service



Phase 1 3DO

Project partners leaving after Phase 1 and their respective sub-projects:

1. Dr. Erika von Schneidemesser (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam): Microsensor measurements for climate-relevant and air pollution parameters at high density spatial scales

2. Dr. Meinolf Koßmann (German Weather Service): Measuring and evaluating thermally driven winds and their impact on ventilation and thermal hot spots in cities

3. Peter Trute (GEO-NET Environmental Consulting): Development of a data-warehouse and verification of the measurement concept by numerical simulations using available models

4. Dr. Anke Roiger (German Aerospace Center): Evaluation of urban climate models by satellite- and aircraft-based measurements