3DO+M Video Conference November 2020

Two-day video conference enables exchange of sub-projects

A little more than a year after the start of the project, the more than 40 participants of Module B met again, this time, however, due to corona conditions, in a video conference. The scientists of the 12 sub-projects presented the results of their long-term and special measurements and their own simulations with PALM-4U. The validation of PALM-4U plays an important role in this context.

The comparison of the simulation results with the measurement results based on time series and statistical quantities shows how well PALM-4U can map certain meteorological processes and thus e.g. the diurnal variation of air temperature or the wind field. Extensive data preparation of the input data for the model (e.g. vegetation, building heights, terrain model, etc.; corresponds to the so-called static driver), the driver for PALM-4U (e.g. with COSMO-DE, a regional weather forecast model), test runs with different spatial resolutions both vertically and horizontally and area sizes are necessary to be able to make statements on concrete scientific or application specific questions with PALM-4U simulations. Based on these first simulations with PALM-4U important experiences could be gathered and first preliminary results could be presented. So there is still a lot to do and it remains exciting!

Below are a few impressions from the presentations of various cities.

München Stuttgart
Static driver for the simulation of an area of Munich © German Aerospace Center/Thilo Erbertseder Area of Stuttgart including the Neckartor to be simulated with PALM-4U © University of Stuttgart/Uli Vogt
Dresden Windkanal
Example for the integration of urban vegetation in 0.1m spatial resolution © Technische Universität Dresden/Ronald Queck Wind tunnel Wotan in Hamburg prepared for a flow experiment © Universität Hamburg/ Benedikt Seitzer
Participants of the video conference (Screen shot) © Technische Universität Berlin/Fred Meier